UNION is DeFi Protection for Everyone.

UNION Finance is a non-KYC peer-to-peer permissionless protection marketplace that allows users to limit their risk in an active DeFi strategy. Users can either Buy Protection from downside risk/event risk, or Fund Liquidity to collect premiums. UNION’s state-of-the-art protocol has capabilities to secure multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system.

Meet Our Partners

With over two years live our partnerships are strong!

Understanding UNION

Borrowing crypto is always over collateralized in DeFi. When you want to borrow against your crypto you naturally want to lock up more collateral to avoid liquidation events. By using a risk management strategy of purchasing DeFi Protection when borrowing against your assets we aim to unlock a significant amount of your collateral. We call this Collateral Optimization (C-OP).

Add Protection Liquidity

By adding liquidity you are essentially funding the insurance protocol. You will receive high premiums from individuals buying DeFi Protection. In the event that the buyer of the DeFi Protection makes a claim because the price dropped below their strike price or an event risk has been voted to have occurred your liquidity will be used to pay their claim. If no claims are made you will not lose any capital and receive the premiums from the buyers of the protection coverage. 

Get DeFi Protection

Buying DeFi Protection coverage on UNION is a way to optimize your collateral in the case of a price drop or event risk. In the event that the price of your asset drops below the strike price or an event risk is realized and VOTED by our community, you can claim your rewards. From there you can deposit  your rewards  into your borrowing protocol to avoid liquidations. DeFi Protection allows you to protect your position from a market sell off of your asset or an event risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

$UNN is the UNION Protocol Governance Token, with a fixed total supply of 1 billion
The $UNN token is used for governance purposes, such as voting on protection claims and related conflict resolution, adjusting risk parameters, or adjusting incentive programs.

C-OP – Collateral Optimization and Volatility Protection: reduces the risk of holding cryptocurrency for extended periods of time. These policies can provide downside protection for the covered asset.

U-CDS – UNION Crypto Default Swaps: protect against event risk. These policies are priced against the probability of an adverse event, including smart contract hacks, rug-pulls, and oracle attacks.

Unions token model uses a multi-tier model with clear separation of function for each token. Separate tokens for governance and protection remove conflicts of interest arising from complex market dynamics.


  1. UNN: The Governance Token – allows one to vote on governance of the Union protocol.
  2. uUNN: The Protection Policy Token – awarded to the buyers of protection, giving them rights to the protection policy.
  3. pUNN: The Protection Pool Token -awarded to the writers (liquidity providers) of protection policies.
  4. rUNN: The Rewards Token – single-sided staking token which claims rewards in UNN that are purchased using revenues generated from the sale of protections.