The UNION Hunny Badger

About Our hUNNy Badger

The hUNNy Badger is UNION Finance’s mascot– we find inspiration in their perseverance and determination, despite all adversity.

In a time of DeFi set against a backdrop of meme coins and volatility, UNION found its spirit animal in a purple bundle of persistence, resourcefulness, and, at times, irreverence.

The honey badger exists in nature as a creature of strength, who is difficult to deter.

Their skin is hard to penetrate, almost impervious to arrows, spears, and machetes. As such, the meme lives that honey badgers weather all, that they just don’t care (The Hunny Badger).

Our hUNNy Badger meets the challenges of DeFi head-on. He’s a fearless defender who protects projects and users from hacks, rugpulls, volatility, and everything else that would keep most people running for cold storage. He contributes daily to UNION morale and social engagement, reminding our community that steady perseverance, undaunted by the market, competition, token price, and naysayers, leads to progress and, ultimately, triumph.

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