UNION Finance and Balancer DAO Advance Efforts

Welcome to the educational section of Union! In the last months we’ve been working on the integration of UNION’s security protocol to bring Balancer’s community protection. We’re interested in explaining the progress we’ve achieved towards integrating UNION’s suite of protection services in support of Balancer’s community. 

Balancer is a decentralized exchange that uses the technology known as Automated Market Maker to effectuate trades, which allows users to swap their tokens in a very efficient way. But why should you use Balancer? Because it is a platform that keeps in constant improvement, and development, focusing on giving more freedom to the users and power of decision. 

UNION Finance is a platform that gives security over some risks mentioned before to retail and institutional investors and to all people who are participating and investing in DeFi projects. Thanks to its protocol, it brings an additional layer of protection over smart contracts, exposure, and transactions.

UNION Finance can provide Balancer protection for Smart Contract Hacks, Exploits, and other challenging event hazards. Also, it has the capacity to roll out two protection products in the Balancer DAO ecosystem: UNION Crypto-Default Swap (U-CDS) and Collateral Optimization/Volatility Protection (C-OP).

If you are interested in know more info about this new partnership, you can find the full article here: Medium Post


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